Thursday, October 13, 2005

Video On The Go

Apple’s new iPod will offer video capabilities, and Apple and Disney have shook hands to deliver “Desperate House Wives” and “Lost” to the new iPod. Steve Jobs mentioned that there currently is not a market for portable video devices, and that Apple will need to create one. They also cover their claims by reassuring people that their main function still focuses on mp3s.

I don't know about you, but I remember those tiny portable television devices in the 80's; but the only place I saw them were at baseball games, where fans would bring them to anxiously see if they might be caught on TV for a slight second. Yeah... that fad died out quicker then SUV's popularity in current gas price trends. Going back to portable video players, Apple isn't the first to do this. There are Samsung's Yepp players, among others, that already exist in the market. I've noticed that kids favor this product, but they get this product mainly for bragging rights or bordom remedy. I'm sure there will be other uses for portable video functions, but I guess Apple will have to create this market... time will tell.


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