Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do They Really Have a Case Against Violent Video Games?

I'm not much of a fan of Michael Moore. I find his bombarding interview tactics very rude and his manipulative editting methods very deceiving. It's funny how he accuses large corporations and greed for the problems in our society. Yet he uses his tactics to sell his story and make tons of money. But I'm not writing now to point out his hypocritical point of view. Instead, I agree with one of his points in his "Bowling for Columbine."

Media is quick to blame so many things on gun violence in our society. We have become so accustomed to play the blame game, and we see this everywhere. People probably fear taking on responsibilities anymore. I used to think taking blame for others was honorable... not anymore. It's flat out stupid to do so in our society. Especially while we continue to play this blame game.

I found one interesting point Michael Moore pointed out, and that was about the effects of video games on gun related deaths. I found it funny how Japan creates and plays most of these "violent" games, yet the country only sees 39 gun related deaths per year, according to Moore's data. This is opposed to over 11,000 gun related deaths yearly in the U.S.

Parents need to take some responsibilities and stop playing this blame game. Let these kids play their video games... if anything, it probably keeps them away from real-life problems. I don't really condone video games, but I know video games aren't to blame for the real-life violence. Kids will fulfill their appetites one way or another. If we take away violent video games, then we need to eliminate movies, news, history, etc. Come on, this is not realistic, and we will never live in a perfect society. Stop blaming others for your misguided mistakes that come from the lack of fufilling your own responsibilities.


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