Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On My Mind

There's a lot on my mind right now... like my girlfriend pushing for that engagement ring... you know the story. I'm thinking maybe I should take her to see that Blood Diamond movie and show her the sad economics of how things work. We don't live in a perfect world, and that's how many profit... oh well. I'm not gonna cry about it. Then again, I don't applaud exploitation.

That's really not my point. Pretty things are all over the place; I just view useful facts as something beautiful. The thing is... information is all over the place and everyone interprets them differently. Not even the "Blue-Chip" economist can agree on how to interpret recent economic data. One will tell you this while someone else will tell you the other. You know what that tells me... Go figure it out on your own!

I'll post some of my opinions here and there. I'm not claiming that I know everything... instead, it would be great to hear what you have to say. That's why you gotta love this thing...


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Sounds like wille nelson.


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