Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Don't Cook the Turkey in the Microwave

Convincing a non-blogger to read blogs is like trying to persuade an oven user to use a microwave. Why should a person use one’s time reading blogs, when that time could be spent reading the traditional newspaper? Many people do not like changes, and those who tend to make slow adjustments usually get left behind.

Blogs offer readers various viewpoints of a particular topic, taking away some of the influence of the traditional media views toward certain subjects. How well the blogger convinces one’s readers will depend on the credibility of the information presented in his or her posts.

In traditional method of presenting information, the reporters’ or analysts’ works must be approved by the supervisor, who is careful (in most cases) to avoid any potential litigation dangers. I say “in most cases” because of the CIA leak story (which placed CIA operatives’ identity in jeopardy) by Judith Miller that was approved by the New York Times. Risking people’s lives to sell a story is beyond me.

When I prepare financial and economic reports for formal purposes, those analyses needs to be approved by my supervisors. However when I do research, I find it useful to read various resources which include blogs as well as traditional and formal sources. I’ve learned that some blogs contain unreliable data, but I’ve also found that others have valuable contributions to the information that I seek. This method gives me a wide perspective of the subject, which allows me to make my own careful conclusions.

Blogging represents a good medium to offer a quick thought on a subject or even hold forum-like discussions. If bloggers abuse their sites to express their nonsense, then that will be their demise. Others that offer useful insights will contribute to the sustainability of the blogging trend.

I doubt that the traditional newspaper media will go away. The way I see it, we will still cook our turkeys in the traditional oven. Sure you can reheat the cooked turkey in the microwave, but I would hate to taste the turkey that was initially nuked in the microwave oven. Additionally, as people have learned not to use metallic items in microwaves, I hope bloggers will learn not to use BS and nonsense in their blogs.


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