Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fighting Terrorism with Cool 007 Toys

Here’s an interesting story from the Washington Post titled Xtreme Defense for both venture capitalists and the kid in all of us who wanted cool James Bond gadgets. Just imagine how these tools would be able to get us out of sticky situations. There have been much talk and issues about the use of “nonlethal” weapons. This particular article follows around this entrepreneur with some interesting nonlethal apparatuses; but he learns that the venture capital game remains a tough game to play.

This article points out some of the new technologies surrounding nonlethal weaponry and their possible applications. Some of these uses range from counterterrorism to controlling public disorders. The report mentions some other defense and protective related products. I particularly like the mini-fortress shelter that could double as a sauna. This product may have come in handy for this hurricane season.


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Some excellent toys.


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