Thursday, October 20, 2005

101 Uses for an iPod

Steve Jobs wasn't kidding when he said that Apple will create markets by teaching people how to use their iPods. I love catching companies work themselves into movies or TV shows. The best are the quick subliminal type of screenshots. But going back to Apple, they seemed to have made some deals with TV show producers.

I was channel surfing and saw that Apple’s iPod had made its way into some scripts. On the new show E Rings, there were a couple of marines trapped in a small building. I believe they were surrounded by enemies and were in desperation for rescue, but they had no obvious means of communication. Wait… good thing one of them had an iPod. They were able to rig the gadget and somehow connect it to a telephone wire or something. They then applied the podcast application to transmit Morse code.

To those that haven’t familiarized themselves with podcasting, it’s a method of publishing audio and video signals over the Internet. Think of it as the audio and video versions of blogs.

It’s undeniable that we’ve entered a new era, and new markets will continue to be created. The digital world has been changing our society. I’ve heard that newspaper companies have been hurting during this transition. Internet sources such as Yahoo or even blogs can be blamed for the hurting newspaper industry. With the rising trend and popularity of podcasting and portable digital devices like the iPod, will radio and TV suffer a similar pain that newspapers currently feel?


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